Client Comments

Not Alone

"Having the sessions made me realise I am not alone and what I was feeling was OK and normal, which put me at ease.  Having guidance/being challenged with my thoughts (which were mostly negative) was very helpful in order to change and become more positive.  I was given very useful advice in which direction to go after my sessions which was very much appreciated."


"My bereavement volunteer was very supportive. I didn't realise until I spoke to her how much was bottled up inside that was coming out in different ways. Thank you for helping me focus this and move forward. I'm not there yet, but getting there."

Useful and Comforting

“The sessions were very personal to me and we spoke about all the things that were affecting me personally and how to deal/cope with them.  There was no pressure, it was relaxed and comfortable and my BV just seemed to understand everything I said. The advice given was useful and comforting and helped me through some tough times.”

Feeling Safe

"My volunteer was excellent. He made me feel very safe but also allowed me to open up about lots of things.  He was very professional, yet extremely sincere.  The balance really worked for me. An excellent service.  Thank you!"

Excellent Service

“I found talking to someone unknown to me to be extremely helpful. I didn’t realise how just saying out loud the thoughts that I’d had for months and months would be so powerful. It’s been an excellent experience. I  feel so much better about certain things.”


“My Bereavement Volunteer was a lovely and understanding person. This person really helped me come to terms with the loss of my husband and I am now able to move forward and make plans for the future, so thank you  very much. I wish I had come to you earlier.”